Born Primitive Team Sponsorship

Compete This Season with Born Primitive Middle East and win up to $700 cash when you podium. 

represent born primitive as a team this season

BP Middle East team are fired up for a full season of fitness festivals and Crossfit competitions in and around the Middle East. 

We have an exciting package for teams who are prepping to compete at events such as: the GIG Fitness Festival (Battle Of The East), Flarefest, Sandclash, Elfit, Phoenix, and the Turf Games. 

What you get:

- 1 outfit for each team member for each day of competition. 

- Podium winning teams will win a "Born Primitive Bonus" in cash. 

First Place: $700 
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $300


- Live in a GCC country.

- Compete in an Elite/RX division.

- To win the podium cash bonus prize your team name will need to include "Born Primitive" for example: Born Primitive Savages, Born Primitive Phoenix's etc.... 

- Team will agree to wear Born Primitive Outfits as a team in at least one event each day.

We will review each application and get in contact with your team. 


T's & C's. 

  • Not all teams may be approved.
  • Born Primitive Middle East reserves the right to choose teams as they see fit. 
  • Born Primitive Middle East reserves the right to stop this campaign at any time.
  • Amount of cash prize is per team - for the team to share/split as they wish. 
  • Teams already sponsored by another clothing brand will not be accepted.
  • This campaign is only valid for those competing in the Middle East.
  • Only teams entering from GCC countries will be accepted.
Born Primitive athletes

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