Get to know: Born Primitive Leggings

Discover our four top-selling styles of leggings and what makes them different from each other. 
Looking for high waisted leggings? Compression style leggings? Squat proof leggings? Leggings that stay UP when you need them to? We have what you need. 

We've added a 'temperature rating' to help those in hot climates know which are the lightest, more heat-friendly styles.  

Need some help with sizing? Visit our size guide 
BP staff tip: "If you already have a pair of BP leggings and you are able to run and jump without them slipping down - you have the PERFECT sizing! Stick to this same size no matter what style you order. 

FAQ: What is our sizing like compared to Lululemon? 
This is what we suggest: 

0-2    XS

4-6    S

   8     M

  10    L

12-14 XL

Reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions!

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