From Bodybuilder to CrossFit Athlete, Coach, and Sports Nutritionist, Hussain Sami Alsaad shares his goals of becoming the top Crossfit Masters 40+ athlete in Kuwait.

Crossfit Athlete Hussain Sami AlSaad competing at the GIG Battle of the east - crossfit competition in Kuwait

Photo Credit: @ayo_shoot 

At Born Primitive, we are drawn to people who have strong mindsets and passionate hearts. As our Middle East brand grows, we are so excited to get to meet along the way, whether in person or via social media - we are honoured to see them as they grow and make their way on their journeys. 

Going forward, we will be sharing the stories of many that cross our paths, so get ready to be inspired! 

We’re kicking this series off with Crossfit athlete and coach: Hussain Sami AlSaad in Kuwait City. With a dedication to his craft and passion for educating and coaching others, Hussain has become a shining example of what it means to be a CrossFit athlete.

From his early beginnings as a fitness enthusiast to now competing at an elite level, Hussain's story is one of perseverance, determination, and unwavering commitment to his goals.

Curious, how did Hussain get introduced to CrossFit??

After ten years in bodybuilding, Hussain discovered that there is more to training than just a body shape. He wanted to do something that would increase his fitness, speed, and strength. So he started combining cardio with bodybuilding, which he discovered was very similar to a sport called CrossFit. Intrigued, he went for his first CrossFit class and has never looked back. 

So, whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Hussain's story is sure to motivate and inspire you to push beyond your limits and achieve greatness. Join us as we find out more about who Hussain is, his personal goals, and tips for others interested in CrossFit. 


Hi Hussain, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
I'm Hussain Sami AlSaad, I’m a Crossfit Masters athlete in the 40+ age division and a Coach at Flare Fitness in Kuwait City. 

Hussain is also a registered nutritionist and works with the Kuwait National Team for Athletics and Kazima Athletic Team. 

How has being active in CrossFit improved your life?
In a fast-paced world full of comfort, exercise has become a necessity, not a luxury. There is a saying, "If you don't use it, you will lose it." If I don't train my muscles and use them in movement, I will lose them little by little. My exercise has increased my strength and physical fitness. It has improved my health and the indicators of medical analyses such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol. All my vital signs are excellent.

“Exercise has become a necessity, not a luxury.”


What is one of your most memorable moments from competing?
I have LOTS of beautiful moments in training and competition. 
I remember the best moments when I won first place in the final heat in the Battle Of The East 2022. The competition was very strong, and I was in fourth place overall. I had no choice either to finish first in that heat and climb the podium or to be eliminated from the championship in fourth place. I didn’t want to come in fourth and be forgotten. And I did it! I won the final heat and ended up on the podium in third place. 


For those who don't know what Battle Of The East is, it is one of the largest fitness festivals in the Middle East, based in Kuwait City, where Crossfit athletes from around the Middle East compete in a weekend long event. 

Hussain Sami AlSaad competing at the GIG Battle of the east - crossfit competition in Kuwait - photos by Ayo Photography
Photo Credit: @ayo_shoot 

What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to do for your sport?
The hardest thing I've been through was in the days of the spread of the coronavirus and the total ban. I had an accident, fractured my skull, and could hardly move. I did not give up and tried to go back to working out at home in a simple way, step by step. I suffered a lot until I was able to go back to playing CrossFit and participating in competitions.
What are your current and long-term goals?
My current goal is to work hard for the next season and reach the CrossFit games as a Master’s Athlete. I reached the quarter-finals the previous season, but next season I will reach the final of the CrossFit Games 2024.

If someone is interested in becoming an athlete in your sport, what would you tell them? Where should they start?
I would advise them to start NOW.  
As for how to start? They need to begin by learning the fundamentals of CrossFit. So that they can perform the exercises correctly and without injury.

Would you recommend a ‘regular’ person to Crossfit for their own fitness/health?
Yes, of course! CrossFit is similar to our daily life in terms of running or lifting, pushing, and pulling things. CrossFit includes all elements of physical fitness: speed, strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and balance.


Hussain Sami Alsaad competing at a crossfit competition in Kuwait City
Photo credit: @Suleman_rafi

For those who are considering trying CrossFit as a beginner, Hussain encourages the importance of starting at the basics and focusing on getting them right before you get to the complicated movements. And also to know that if you work at the basics, you can really improve your fitness and health. While everyone is different, finding a gym and a coach who can teach you properly is really important. 

It is easy to look at his and other CrossFit athlete’s Instagram profiles and see them performing handstand walks, muscle ups, and lifting heavy barbells and think yourself,“ I want to do that!” or “I’ll never be able to do that!” It’s important to note that they have worked hard to get there and are practicing and putting in the work every day. Some athletes, such as Hussain, share their training journeys in stories, which is great to follow. 


Join us as we follow Hussain's journey as a Crossfit Athlete. You can find Hussain on instagram @alsaad5000 where he shares his training and nutritional tips and hacks. 


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