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In a whirlwind world where style meets stride and action fuses flawlessly with fashion, an exciting narrative awaits in activewear. No longer is the choice between trendsetting and practicality a dilemma. Today, we dive into a fashion-forward voyage, revealing six indispensable activewear treasures beyond attire – they embody a commitment to physical prowess and sartorial elegance.

From sunrise jogs that paint the sky to sunset yoga that whispers to your spirit, each heartbeat is an occasion to celebrate strength. These aren't mere garments; they're an invitation to embrace your dynamism, an ode to your vitality. Whether you're a fitness aficionado, a spontaneous explorer, or a life enthusiast, these activewear pieces are your partners through every twist and twirl.

Let your attire mirror your passion, your resolve, and audacity to chase dreams without pause. These activewear essentials aren't just about dressing; they're about empowerment, igniting your confidence to seize the day and embrace the night. 

Say hello to the six stylish allies deserving of your wardrobe space – each piece a chapter, together painting the masterpiece that is you.

6 Activewear Pieces for the Beautiful You

  • Sports Bras: 
  • Every active journey begins with proper support, and our range of sports bras offers a perfect blend of form and function. Whether you're into high-intensity training or prefer the fluidity of yoga, our selection has something for every activity. 

    The Balance Sports Bra provides exceptional stability, ensuring you're fully equipped for your workouts. For those seeking flexibility, the Evolve Sports Bra offers a perfect stretch. And if you're looking to make a bold statement, the Don't Get It Twisted Sports Bra adds a unique twist to your activewear ensemble. Choose from our Women Ignite Sports Bra for an added boost or the All or Nothing Sports Bra for a versatile touch of style.

    must have womens sports bras for the gym
  • Leggings:
  • Leggings have become an iconic symbol of activewear and for good reason. They offer unparalleled comfort and versatility, seamlessly transitioning from the gym to daily life. Our diverse collection caters to different tastes and preferences. Whether it's the classic allure of the Yoga Pant Straight Leg or the bold eccentricity of the Eccentric Legging, our leggings are designed to empower you through movement. 

    For moms-to-be, the Maternity Legging ensures both style and comfort. Meanwhile, Synergy Legging combines fashion and performance in perfect harmony. Looking for your everyday go-to? Our Your Go-To Legging, paragon leggings, and Limitless Legging options have got you covered.


    womens leggings for training - high waisted leggings


  • Shorts:
  • As the temperatures rise, it's time to let your legs breathe with our range of shorts. The Hot Shot Skort is a fusion of style and functionality, while the All or Nothing Short offers a sleek and minimalistic look. For those who crave a bit of edge, the FLEX Stretchy Mom Jean Short delivers a trendy vibe. 

    Whether you're hitting the pavement or practicing your favorite yoga pose, the Tempo Biker Short ensures both comfort and style. And if you're aiming to set new heights, the Swift Run Short and New Heights Booty Short are perfect companions for your active ventures.

    Womens shorts for training - biker style shorts and skorts
  • Tank Tops:
  • Tank tops are the epitome of versatility, offering a sense of freedom and ease that complements various activities. Our range of tank tops caters to different preferences and styles. The Effortless Tank is a minimalist's dream, while the Drop Shot Tank adds a sporty touch to your look. 

    Looking for a tank that transitions seamlessly from gym to street? The Everyday Crop and Keep It Easy Tank are ready to accompany you. Unleash your inner strength with the unique designs of the Subtle Flex Tank, or opt for a all-time winner with the Staple Tank. The Edge Tank put a whole new twist on a workout tank with its open-back design, perfect for when you need some extra ventilation.

    ladies tank tops with interesting back designs
  • Tops:
  • Sometimes, the perfect shirt can make all the difference in your activewear ensemble. Our selection of shirts blends fashion and function effortlessly. The Women's Endurance Shirt is a testament to enduring style, while the Athleisure Warm Up adds a touch of comfort and charm. The Zip Neck Athleisure Long Sleeve offers versatility, and the Unisex Timber Jacket is a statement piece that embraces a unisex appeal. 

    For a touch of mystique, the Cowl at the Full Moon Sweatshirt adds allure to your look. The Athleisure Short Sleeve V-Neck is an instant classic, while the Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve adds a contemporary twist. The Floral Calligraphy Crop Tee and Iron Savage Crop Tee offer a dash of creativity to your athletic wear style.

    Women's Tops


  • Joggers:
  • On those days when relaxation is a priority, joggers are your ultimate go-to. The Unmatched Jogger and Rest Day Athleisure Jogger combine style and comfort for those much-needed moments of reprieve. And when recovery is on the agenda, our recovery jogger ensures that your downtime is as fashionable as it is rejuvenating.

    womens joggers - rest day and recovery joggers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the essential types of activewear that every woman should have in her wardrobe?
  • Every woman's activewear collection should include sports bras for proper support, versatile leggings for comfort and style, a variety of tank tops for different activities, functional shorts for warmer days, and quality shirts for layering. Don't forget to have a couple of joggers for rest days or casual outings.

  • What should I consider when buying activewear?
  • When purchasing activewear, consider the fabric's breathability and moisture-wicking properties, fit and comfort level, intended activity, and personal style. Look for durable materials that provide the right amount of support without compromising flexibility.

  • How should I care for my activewear?
  • To extend the lifespan of your activewear, wash them in cold water, avoid using fabric softeners, and opt for a gentle cycle. Hang your activewear to air dry instead of using a dryer.

  • Can I mix and match different activewear clothing?
  • Yes, you can definitely mix and match activewear brands. The key is to ensure that the pieces you choose complement each other in terms of style, color, and functionality. Mixing activewear can help you create unique, personalized workout apparel that suits your preferences and needs.

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