Must-Have Items in Men's CrossFit Clothing Collections

mens crossfit clothing must haves

It's finally the time you decided to chase after your dreams of becoming a fitter version of yourself and take the leap into CrossFit… 

A journey that will push the boundaries of your strength, test the limits of your courage, and ignite the fire of your determination. 


As you venture into your Crossfit training and begin conquering high-intensity workouts with heavy weights and high amounts of reps, you realize that your old running shorts and generic tees aren’t comfortable enough to keep up with the demands of this challenging and energizing journey.

You need something more - the best CrossFit clothing that matches your ferocity and enhances your performance like never before. Don’t let poorly chosen apparel hinder your performance or dampen your spirits. 

Let’s explore the must-have items in CrossFit men's clothing collection, igniting the fire within you to reach new heights!

men's must have performance t-shirts for crossfit - athleisure tees

Performance-Enhancing Tees

Imagine yourself in the middle of a vigorous WOD, your muscles pushing to the brink and sweat pouring down your face. The last thing you need is uncomfortable, soggy clothing restricting your movement. This is where the performance-enhancing CrossFit T-Shirts come to the rescue.

Moisture-wicking t-shirts are your first line of defense against the persistent sweat that accompanies extensive CrossFit workouts. Feel the sweat evaporate as the fabric pulls moisture from the skin, leaving you cool, dry, and focused.

Our Athleisure Tee is the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Made from moisture-wicking fabrics, it keeps you dry and supported during the most intense workouts. Its lightweight and breathable design ensures that you can give your all without feeling weighed down.

Featuring bold prints and specific styles for CrossFit enthusiasts, our exclusive Branded Tees will keep you committed to your goals and comfortable. A unique brushed texture gives these tees an unbelievably soft suede feel.

Go for our  No Weight Class in the Wild and Modern Savage Tee that will not only elevate your performance but also boost your motivation to crush every challenge that comes your way

Crossfit training t-shirts with original typographic designs

Functional Shorts

    Every jump, squat, and lunge demands a bottom that delivers unparalleled functionality. That’s why the choice of bottoms matters more than you think. CrossFit-specific shorts are more than just for style, they offer unrestricted movement, allowing you to perform intense workouts freely. 

    Our Training Shorts are designed to let you move freely and comfortably. With their sweat-wicking and quick-dry feature, you will never feel held back during your most demanding workouts. 

    mens top training shorts for crossfit training

    Snatch Shorts

    When it comes to lifting, you need shorts that provide unrestricted movement and flexibility. The Snatch Shorts are specially designed for your weightlifting movements like cleans, snatches, and jerks. The flexible pad on these shorts allows you to move freely while offering maximum protection to your pubic region, enabling you to focus on your workout. 

    The durable fabric ensures that these shorts can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, keeping you focused and confident in your lifts. With the Snatch Shorts in your arsenal, you'll boost your performance and take your lifting to the next level.

    These shorts are engineered for agility, featuring a lightweight and flexible fabric that moves with your body.

    Versatile Shorts

    For greater success in CrossFit, don't overlook the significance of compression shorts. These tight-fitting shorts offer targeted support to your glutes and thighs, improving blood flow and reducing muscle oscillation during explosive movements.

    Not only do compression shorts optimize your physical capabilities, but they also instil a sense of invincibility. When you slip into these empowering garments, you'll feel a surge of confidence coursing through your veins, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. 

    And, as many WODS demand a variety of movements, such as handstand push-ups, lunges, running, and sometimes even swimming - the Versatile shorts will support you through whatever the workout has to throw at you. 

    Our Versatile Shorts with Compression are engineered with moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric, providing unmatched support and comfort during your intense CrossFit sessions. 

    Due to CrossFit workouts' high-intensity, high-impact nature, choosing the right pair of clothing is important. 

    Your choice of clothing for your CrossFit workout session can make or break your journey to greatness. Every lift, rep, and challenge demands more than your determination - it requires the right CrossFit clothing that empowers your triumphs.

    Looking for the best CrossFit Clothing for men? Don't settle for anything less than greatness. Discover Born Primitive's CrossFit clothing for unrivalled performance, unbeatable comfort, and cutting-edge designs.

    Versatile compression shorts for men are great for crossfit training in the gym

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are compression shorts or regular shorts better for CrossFit?

    The choice between compression shorts and regular shorts depends on personal preferences and the intensity of the workout. Compression shorts provide additional support to the muscles, reduce muscle vibrations, and aid in recovery. They are especially beneficial for activities involving high-impact movements and heavy lifting. On the other hand, regular shorts offer more breathability and may be preferred for workouts with lighter intensity or in warmer conditions. You can choose to use a combination of both depending on the type and intensity of the workout. 

    What should I look for when choosing men’s CrossFit shorts?

    Consider the following factors when choosing men’s CrossFit shorts:

    • Fabric: Look for breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that with keeps you dry and comfortable during your workouts
    • Mobility: Choose shorts with features like compression and stretch, allowing unrestrictive movement and support during exercise 
    • Pockets: You can opt for shorts with pockets, allowing you to hold your phone, keys, and other items during workouts
    • Waistband: A secure waistband with elastic or drawstring ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit. 

    How important is it to prioritize quality when building a CrossFit clothing collection?

    Prioritizing quality in your CrossFit clothing collection is essential. CrossFit workouts involve high-impact and high-intensity activities, and low-quality clothing can lead to discomfort and chafing and can even affect your performance. High-quality clothing is designed to withstand the rigors of CrossFit, providing durability, support, and breathability.

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