Meet: Mahmoud Maatouk -Functional Fitness Coach, Avid Crossfit Athlete and Dedicated Father.

Blog feature - Mahmoud Maatouk - Lebanese Crossfit Coach and athlete in Dubai

Meet Mahmoud Maatouk, a community and family-driven Coach and Crossfit enthusiast in Dubai with a passion for nutrition and helping others live healthier lives.

Mahmoud Maatouk is a Functional Fitness Coach and PT based in Dubai. Previously a mechanical engineer, Mahmoud has followed his passion to enrich and help others transform their lives through fitness and nutrition. He strongly emphasizes family values and has a relentless passion for helping others. 

He has spent time sharpening his skills and expertise over the years, Mahmoud is not just a coach but a mentor and motivator. He understands that true fitness is not just about physical strength but also about mental well-being and overall health. 

With his infectious energy and unwavering commitment, Mahmoud creates a supportive environment where individuals of all fitness levels can thrive and achieve their goals. He is a great example of a coach who truly cares about your success.

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Mahmoud Maatouk Crossfit training in dubai - chalking hand in preparation for the workout

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Hi Mahmoud, would you tell us about yourself?

I am from Lebanon and have been living in Dubai since 2014. I am a coach and have multiple certifications. I am also an athlete who enjoys competing whenever I can, especially within a team. I got introduced to CrossFit by my friends until one day, I decided to join them, I’ve been practicing CrossFit since 2018. 

How has being active/or involved in your sport changed your life?

I’ve always been active, but once I started to get more competitive and stronger in CrossFit, I learned how to be disciplined and focused. Training towards a goal and purpose keeps you motivated in training and life. 

This also reflects in your health and nutrition, which play an important role. As a coach, husband, and father, I always love to share my experience with others and am ready to help them become better versions of themselves. 

Weightlifting outside in Dubai wearing men's athleisure tee and training shorts

“Training towards a goal and purpose always keeps you motivated in training and  life.”


What were some of your most memorable moments during training or competition?

I will always remember my first ring muscle up. It happened during the CrossFit Open. I had never trained specifically for it, but I was able to get multiple reps just by listening to my coach. 

Another moment was during my first individual competition, where I ranked first in one of the event heats. The workout had rope climbs which I hadn’t practiced, but I got them all without failure and won the heat.

What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to do for your sport?

I guess it is when I first started. I had to be disciplined, consistent, and trust the process. And this was even harder when I started following a specific program, working out, and keeping myself motivated to show up and train. 

How do you balance out training and coaching? 

Usually, I work early morning and afternoons, so I have midday for me to eat and rest. Sleeping at night to recover is important to me, so no late nights. The weekend is usually for the family and spending time together. 

I also plan my schedule on Sunday for the week ahead. Finally, nutrition is very important, and I always keep it in check, and honestly, this healthy habit is what keeps me feeling good and pushing forward. 


What are your current and long-term goals? 

My long-term goal is to stay fit and healthy for my family and especially my son, who is growing up. I would love to see us train together in the future. My current goal is to improve my overall fitness and work on my gymnastics to get better at them. 

Mahmoud Maatouk in dubai - crossfit training - dumbbell snatches
When we ask Mahmoud if CrossFit is a good option for ‘regular people,’ he responds: 
“Oh, Crossfit can be done by everyone.” CrossFit programs are designed to have various levels of difficulty, so if you’re new and don’t know how to do a movement yet, they will give you a ‘scaled’ version so that you can work on technique and build strength. 

“Set realistic goals,” - says Mahmoud. Is it for fun? Or, do you want to compete at an ‘everyday-athlete’ level or become an elite athlete? CrossFit can be mentally and physically demanding if you want to take it seriously. 

“Don’t skip on your nutrition and recovery!” says Mahmoud. This is something he has learned gradually and wishes he had known when he started. Make sure your body is getting enough time to recover and that you’re eating healthily. Many gyms have in-house nutrition coaches, so it can be a great idea to work with someone to help yourself with nutrition.

“Whatever sports you do, remember that always do something that you love and enjoy. Stay healthy with your food because this is what will make you live better and longer. Set an example for others, especially your family. This is what I believe in.”


Whether you are interested in working with Mahmoud or just want to follow him for fitness motivation, find him on Instagram at: @BfitWithMahmoud 

He offers multiple programs, including online programming, nutrition guidance, and in-person PTs in Dubai. 

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