The BP Style Guide

Find your outfit based on what activities you like to do!

The Gym Enthusiast

From burpees to double unders and squats - you need versatile items that you don't have to pull up/or down during your daily workouts.

Our range is designed for and tested by ahletes around the world who put them through a LOT of greuling workouts.

Try out our top picks for daily wods and killing it in the gym.

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The Yogi

You love yoga, pilates and barre. The most important thing you look for in your activewear is that it is flexible, light, and non-restrictive. Also, it needs to LOOK AMAZING!

The last thing you want on your mind during a flow or holiding a pose is your having your leggings roll down or having a bra strap digging into your shoulder.

Create a matching set or mix it up. Either way you will be feeling amazing in your next session.

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female Padel Player in bahrain wearing bright blue leggings and black top

For The Padel Court

Padel is a growing sport in the Middle East and we are loving the different outfits being put together! Have fun and don't be afraid to throw in some bright colors!

Whether you're a pro on the padel or tennis court or grabbing a fun session with friends - do it in style, and comfort! Supportive, and nonrestrictive so you can go ALL-IN for those tricky shots!

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